My previous teaching experience includes a mix of supply chain and marketing related courses taught on campus and as international study abroad opportunities. I received the AMA Outstanding Graduate Student Educator Award in 2013 and 2015 while a Ph.D. student at the University of Alabama.


Import/Export Management  ~  International Logistics

Intro to Supply Chain Management  ~  Logistics Management  ~  Purchasing 

Strategic Supply Chain Management  ~  Study Abroad (Logistics)  ~  Supply Chain Sustainability


Fall 2022 - Present

SCMN 4900 Global Supply Chain Collaboration, (Auburn University)

Spring 2022 - Present

SCMN 4900: Case Competition - National Grocers Association, (Auburn University)

Fall 2020 - Present

        SCM 4800: Supply Chain Strategy

Previous courses

SCM 2150: Management of Business Processes (Auburn University)

SCM 301: Supply Chain Management (Iowa State University)

SCM 486: Principles of Purchasing & Supply Management (Iowa State University)

Marketing 473: Marketing Research (University of Alabama)

Marketing 473: Marketing Research (University of Alabama)

Marketing 300: Introduction to Marketing (University of Alabama)

Study abroad courses

International Business Administration 460/560: Import/Export Management

International Business Administration 455/555: Global Marketing Management

(Team Taught, University of Alabama & James Madison University, Study Abroad Program, University of Antwerp, Belgium)


"Dr. Morgan knows his stuff when it comes to supply chain. It's very clear that it's a subject he's passionate about, and he's very helpful and encourages questions."

"Class time wasn't wasted. Instructor got to the point and really demonstrated in detail how to solve problems involving supply chain."

"Mr. Morgan had one of the most enjoyable courses I have ever taken at the University. Anyone would be lucky to have him as an instructor."

"Very effective communicator. He is always willing to elaborate on the subject matter or answer any questions."

"Professor Morgan was an amazing teacher and probably the best professor I have had at the university. This class was the class I dreaded most before the semester started and it turned out to be the one that I enjoyed the most. Thank you Tyler!"